Tumor Detection Algorithm

One of my first projects in my Engineering 101 (Intro To Programming) class asked us to create an algorithm capable of determining whether a brain scan contained a tumor using Matlab. To begin I wrote out what I would need the program to do in pseudo-code. Each scan provided was a 512x512 grayscale image which means if can be represented by a 512x512 2D matrix with values from 0 to 1 (0 being black and 1 being white).

I can show my pseudo code, but certain values are hidden and I cannot show my code itself due to University of Michigan Honor Code restrictions.


  1. Break up 512x512 matrix into *** smaller (*x*) images

  2. Iterate through all of the images and get the mean value of the entire sub-matrix

    1. If the value is greater than or equal to 0.** (the sub-image is relatively white) –> The scan likely contains a tumor

    2. Else that sub-section of the 512x512 image likely does not contain a tumor


My algorithm passed all tests with greater than 80% accuracy

Brain Scan With Tumor

Brain Scan Without Tumor