My name is Aidan Friedsam and I am a freshman studying computer science at The University of Michigan. This website is a digital portfolio of some of my best work I have created in the fields of engineering and computer science. My projects, which can be viewed on this page, include:


I learned to code on my own at the age of 15. I used Mimo, SoloLearn and Udemy to learn Python. In addition to Python, in 11th grade I learned C/C++ (Arduino) in a class I took in school called Design Engineering. During the summer after 11th grade, I took a course on data science with R at Stanford as well as an advanced Python course at Columbia University. In 12th grade, I learned Swift in a course called App Development with Swift and Xcode and co-taught a minicourse on web development with HTML, CSS and JS. I am now enrolled in EECS 280 (Programming and Intro Data Structures) at Michigan. I am on track to declare my major after first semester next year.


  • Programming: Python, Processing, C/C++ (Arduino), R, HTML, CSS, JS, Swift and Matlab

  • CAD Modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting/engraving

  • PCB Design and Implementation

  • Soldering, welding and use of common shop tools