My name is Aidan Friedsam. I am a sophomore studying computer science at The University of Michigan. This website is a digital portfolio of some of my best work in the fields of engineering and computer science. My projects, which can be viewed on this page, include:

Education and Experience:

I began my coding journey at 14, self-teaching Python through platforms like Udemy and Coursera. My passion for programming expanded in 11th grade with C/C++ (Arduino) in Design Engineering class, followed by a summer course in data science with R at Stanford and advanced Python at Columbia University. In 12th grade, I delved into Swift through an App Development course and co-taught a web development minicourse. The summer after my freshman year of college I interned as a Data Engineer at Meetup, where I helped maintain and develop ETL pipelines and data analysis tools. The following summer I joined Ninth Wave interning as a software developer helping to build out their financial data exchange APIs. This summer, I am excited to join Datadog in NYC as a Software Engineering Intern.