My name is Aidan Friedsam and I am a sophomore studying computer science at The University of Michigan. This website is a digital portfolio of some of my best work I have created in the fields of engineering and computer science. My projects, which can be viewed on this page, include:


I learned to code on my own at the age of 14. I used Mimo, SoloLearn and Udemy to learn Python. In addition to Python, in 11th grade I learned C/C++ (Arduino) in a class I took in school called Design Engineering. During the summer after 11th grade, I took a course on data science with R at Stanford as well as an advanced Python course at Columbia University. In 12th grade, I learned Swift in a course called App Development with Swift and Xcode and co-taught a minicourse on web development with HTML, CSS and JS. This . summer I am working as an intern on the Data Team at Meetup. My job is to help maintain and build new ETL pipelines to collect the vast amounts of data from Meetups apps on Android and iOS as well as their website.


  • Programming: Python, Processing, C/C++ (Arduino), R, HTML, CSS, JS, Swift and Matlab

  • CAD Modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting/engraving

  • PCB Design and Implementation

  • Soldering, welding and use of common shop tools